Youssef Benzekri

Account manager
Graduated in hospitality I am a person representing a hearing and hearing disability and a muscular stiffness from birth and also a road accident with my parents that is to say I am limping and looking for good opportunities open to all sectors  Responsible, ambitious, likes to excel, sporty, good living, versatile, mastering computer tools (Excel, world, Pdf) and hotel management software during my internships in this sector and also accounting during the exercise of  my functions, training in banking techniques during my training at Lasalle college, training in international trade within the bank in which I practiced for almost 3 years, several debates and thematic and directed work at lasalle college concerning the international hotel industry, management  in business, human resources, hotel and international law, marketing and commerce (yield management, benchmarking, commercial and marketing analysis)
Experience in a call center with enriching training in sales techniques and several training courses on this subject
Motivated and open to all sectors I am organized and rigorous having the values ​​of a sportsman spirit of challenge and competitor always in search of New failure does not scare me